Prime minister speaking election speech01

HASSELBLAD SWC-M Biogon 4.5/38  Kodak PORTRA400VCIt was at Kamata station in 2005 for postal election. Many people came out for seeing the prime minister. He was supposed to come at 14:00. so people started gathering around 13:30 in the hot weather in early September, however he ended up to be there at 15:30 and there are people who fell in the heat while waiting. The campaign was for the simple election of the postal privatization and see whether it was for or against the postal privatization, whether it was an enemy or a friend, and people were also incited.
However, the former Prime Minister who was involved in the support of Morihiro Hosokawa in 2014 for the Governor of the Government tried to make the anti – nuclear issue a point of dispute, but it did not seem it worked like the time of the postal election. Both of Hosokawa and Koizumi are already turned a has-been.