Obsevation  Ueno7-4 

B/W Canon newF1 FD24mm F2.8   Kodak T-Max400  COLER  Canon 5D MarkⅡ TS-E24mm F3.5LⅡ  There spreads the bar district just around the front gate of Ueno station. I took the picture of it in 1990 (in monochrome), thinking it would be fun to have a drink here at night as it might attract heavy drinkers. However, I had not been here after that. I was very much surprised when I visited the district in 2011, after 21 years of my previous shooting, to find the same bars were still there.
Wait, hold a second. San-nan-boh, Yama, Hide, Suisen, The house of wolves…. at the end I found the district was the gay town.