Fixed-point observation  Eitai Bridge

B/W Canon newF1 FD24mm F2.8 Kodak T-Max400    COLER  Canon 5D MarkⅡ TS-E24mm F3.5LⅡ  On the colored photo taken in 2011, a gray building is found just behind Eitai bridge, which is an ex-Yamaichi securities company building. When I took another photo around there in 1990, the building did not exist. The building was copmleted in 1996 of October and the company collapsed in 1997 of Novenber, that is, the Yamaichi securities company collapsed more than a year after the building was completed. The construction of the head office was planned in the middle of bubble economy, the managemant did not imagine that the company would collapse. Now, the lower level of the building is used for rented offices and the upper level is used for rented mansions.